About Erica – March 2002

Original “About” page – From March 2002 to August 2005

I was named after my grandfather Americo.

Grew up in Texas. Didn’t like it here until I “grew up.” Around 1998 I fell in love with the state. Sounds crazy, I know. Four years at Texas Tech University in Lubbock can do that to you. It also showed me that I wasn’t a city girl as I once thought. Would live in the country if the jobs were better.

Got an art degree with teacher certification. Scary. Taught high school outside of Houston for a year. Scarier. Due to major changes in my personal life, I moved back to my home town, Arlington, a suburb of Dallas. It was here that I got into computers. Something I will never regret for it has brought amazing things to my life. Looking back it was a tough road to take but it was all worth it to get here.

Tiger & Erica

I have an incredible family. My parents are the two best people in the world. Of course I didn’t know it until I grew up. Now I know and am so appreciative. The two second best people in the world are my sisters, Karen and Kristen. We share a house, affectionately known as Lucci House. We also share this with Sophie, Tiger, and Bentley, our dogs. I never thought it would work living together but it has been one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I work in the computer field. Right now (March 2002) I work in customer support for a software company. I hope this will change someday. Customer support is awesome most days though. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have gone from art and teaching to computers. They also happen to be my hobby. You’re looking at the main expression of it.